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How Beef Works: & The Orem[edit]

See when cows die, right? Either they go to heaven or hell. In heave, they there is they can have ghostliness in cow form, where up where it rains and it does so, them corpses of their float up into becoming rain of steaks, wherein the butchers use outside to get up and grab the cows. But then again, the not good cows, who are the bad and make fences go :( and other miscellaneous bovine wickedness, get sent down ... oh ho, there, where the cosy flame ness is where to become ghostly warm cows and much nicer without rain HOWEVER burny bodies that become like rockets into Mcdonald's and into beef chard grillingly.

It's important we use all our willing to keep these cows in our prayers. P.S. I need you to eat the beef. I'm so hungry for you(?) to eat the beef. If you don't there will be wasted dead cows except hats. Oh no. Wouldn't you even more not even like that any more? If you find beef in your umbrella, it has probably been raining cows. This is not how beef works. It is improper to think of beef within this manor; untoward our fortunes, displaced beef from the sky is true knowledge of bovine cataclysmophy. I know it sounds delicious, but there's too much beef. Beef hypothetically normally it's possible that it could come from cows, as I have asked my friends and their brothers who I got to ask their brothers who were my friends if they knew about it, which they didn't, so I went to talk to some cows instead, but they just said "Mooo" and "sknxghf, which I think is cow for "bugger off", however, so, then, yes, I deliverately, yes, deliverately, not always, but this time, did my thing about them. I said "You are cows." in a stern and cautionary tone of voice. That told them, then, then I said "I'm serious.", but they just said: "skxxxxxnghffttfwp", howneverless, this may be (unfortunately, which is a word that always makes a sad person) cow vernacular language of the meaning with: "Why are you jumping up and down in my poo? Please go away." This is true. Woah, what do you think about that, then? I don't remember, you see. I can still see, I went for a shower so I didn't put poo in my eyes. Sorry for talking about poo, we all know it's gross and I didn't mean to jump up and down it in it was and oopsident before I meant it. I really did a thing back there, where, unfortunately there, there, there was a poo unfair, where, there, it never here bear, that fruit no (2)? pair and got my skin under the fingernails still, so that's good. Don't wanna lose that stuff when you're cooking beef either, do you, now it comes to mind? Which is or isn't what this is, really, it's this it's all about or not? This file is still open, because at the end of the article is not a close button, because that's all the way down there, it's very far away, but there is a little red x up somewhere near the uppernevernethers of the visual boundings apparently propagated herewithin, which noticababbly, is unoutwith!

Beef is good[edit]

Today I learned of the Toffee Apple Tsunami where people exploded covered in moles each tiramisu autism is 15 feet high and hurtled down the roads at speeds over 35mph thick syrup mess stuck drowned Canada goose worth 1 gallon!


Hypothetically, beef is not made from jellyfish, though it is rumoured (Again) that there is an island in Millinesia around those of which such jellyfish grow, but their meat-fruity body is salty. The jellyfish in Micronesian waters are also beefo-jellyfish which (my mum thinks) are made from beef, but they're 1000 times o'clock smaller, thusly forth again, they're not worth eating them to however some fishes eaten them to an added delicacy, but not again, oh. It is rumoured that once there still is an ordered magnitude down again (thus and forthwith), these (again, yes, again) islands of rumour and ofwith named: Nanonesia. Their discovery has not yet been made available to possible technology or, in other ways toward description: forthwith: ? A big enough microscope! Most of them are SO small that EVEN when you LOOK in them, it takes forever to look in any much space. AT ALL. So thusly forthwith there needs to be a bridge to cross the Firth of Forth with no, not that, that's the wrong. Sorry, do you think that was relevant? I had intention, like when my mother told me I was smart, to say that we need a bigger microscope to look at all the oceans with together (at once), with no unity or harmony required, but the beef would be so small that it wouldn't be worth it.

Everyone has decided to be pretty sure that if there were a Millinesia, we'd have noticed by now.


Other bovine[edit]

Yaks ≠ yes[edit]

Yaks are a lot like yes, but not this yes it's the same, if no, this occupies you, then think with us for a moment before you get rowdy. It's easy, everyone gets confused. Just don't do that any smores and we'll get going again: I dibs yaks for now, but you can get them later. Yes is a good word, but note ate at how the letters are deformed from the opposing. Can't you see how much proof this is of the different?

Beef is NOT good?[edit]

This subsection is banned! You won't be allowed to write anything about it as long as pigs have ears!