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Humanity were a species on the back of credits before they got all lost invoices that were due. Nowadays they get their kicks by sloping around with their fingers again. My tribes, the family of my grandmother and father, were lost in many times before reading the book Salmon Fishing in the Lemon. You know what they say: you learn something every day when your cheese wheel is kept in isolation, or rolling and free and salation. Not salvation. It costs 200 strands of copper made of many strings to use their resistance, is what we learned in the book. All humans are merely resistance in cables. She doesn't understand that I am just not Peter Pan. I am cleaner and I shower and also other things. I don't like to give up my socks without a fight and my dog thinks I am very bright and you know what I think that's alright isn't it after all? Aren't we all just cradles of boxes, waiting to sip at the lips of fragrance, before we reach the expiration date and our feet flower? Wouldn't everyone make better people if they tried? It's more like karate than you think. I've brought some examples out to show you, but I don't have a picture-phone, so we'll have to use iconographical lexicon to display our workings: here is the first one:

one: h2h

This one is h2h, because of course it's about ducks, because all humanity, will, as you remember, Will, look like they might like ducks.