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Despite what critics have said about the disregardment of possibility with these trains of reasoning, within forthwith it is postulated that an unnumerated amount of proponents nominate a further possibility, that, further, there may may a real truth in this withholding of knowledge from to with everything. I.E., that it is possible. It is destined within all poprielatic shifts like those of desert dunes, that knowledge would and must become sought and thus, sought after. It is lesser known that manyatimes it is sought before. Even forthwithcoming this deliberation of proper knowledge, those in the loop have given it to us on good informational reputation that without a recalibration of those outwith the field of doctorate knowing, that it could remain out of the reach of the layman for at least a decade more.

There are many paths to seeking the deliverance to allkenning, but without knowing all of them the points to them.

Here is a list of everything:

- Tea

- Wood

- Metal

- Water

- Green stuff

- Sky

- Beef

- Planes

- Cars

- People

- Animals

- Whales

- Weird green stuff

- Jackie Chan

- Pineapple chunks & trains

I think that's it.