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How or who do these beings of transport get so long? This is a probably a question. There are two things we don't understand about these strange vessels of ok, & that's ok. We are still learning:

bulletpoint one (1):// How do they go so quickly without any butter? or limes btw or limes good point. They go so smoothly except when they're becoming slowly! There they Scrouch and SCREEEEEDGE. Trust me: I had a dream. It was pretty good, thanks for asking???? but stop distracting me. P.S. Hello Google. Anyway, one strategy of thinking is trains go with because there's a person who does it go. I remember that scene from Shrek. Trains are, howmore, not like onions. They're actually less credible, but nowhere near as delicious. I forget which way round that is, though, sorry, you'll have to ask my brothers. If you ask my brothers I'm sure they'll give you a better answer, but before I stop phoning them you won't be able to so sorry again, it's just a technological flaw. No butter required.

insertBULLETPOINT TWO 一 • What are their motives? If you were to ask me, I'd say they seem a bit insane. My mom said I can't answer questions from strangers though, so maybe you should introduce yourself first. She's quite lovely & has three different colours of bonnets in her closet. When you have become the acquainted individual de mi madre, entonces puedes hacer la pregunta.

BULLETPOINT 2A一。零1; The rails are no longer stinky. Happened this was because of how?

Currently, most trains have 17 smaller trains attached. This is a hot topic of debate in the Coalition For People Who Often Talk About Trains, because who knows how many of these tiny trains ... little, itty bitty trains; trains of the locomotion, can even maybe fit so many invisible chocolate bars in them. This is the optimal smuggling method of the Icelandic Cartel & it directly effects the Pretend Duck Industry. BUT HOWEVER let us not be beholden to the Icelandic Cartel because that just means the Icelandic cart, dustn't it? MY trains are smaller. They fit in a box when my girlfriend visits because she is scared of trains. In the previously, trains were powered by kettles, but nowathen, it's true, some of them make magic from stinky old porous gummy diesel bears or something (vaguely) like this. Otherways, the proposed theorem is that now other trains is making the wheels go round using pure electrify. Croatian people should theoerectically be unaffectified. If this is not the case please info us at our email addresses, in case we decide otherwise. If it's possible to know more about trains by before this morning after you read this article, then it could be that your further reading could be re fed into the unknowing machine of Yessence Club.

Wait, can we make this a theorem now? ...[edit]


We have a new plan for this article, ladies and gentlemen, it is now:

How Trains work: A hypotheorem[edit]

Originally, when time was made less of people and machines were just becoming true to motion, there was a revolution, you know, in Britain at first, but then they made trains and everyone got more and more of them, but how??

For this explanation, we won't need any volunteers.


It is to be delivered upon all further knowledge that nobody knows more about trains than the forely mentioned train god. This is all well and good and within the realms of theoerecticality.